Natururlaub in der Vulkaneifel
Natururlaub in der Vulkaneifel

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Interesting facts about Himmerod and Eisenschmitt


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Eisenschmitt is also called as Eifelschmitt. Find with the help of the links below out why it has got this nickname...



  • Official homepage of the community Eisenschmitt with a photo gallery, an event calendar and also the actual weather.







Do you find out why Eisenschmitt is also called Eifelschmitt? If not you can read the solution below...



In the year 1900 the author Clara Viebig had a literary breakthrough with her novel "Das Weiberdorf". The novel described the situation of the village Eifelschmitt around the turn of the century. Since the middle age Eifelschmitt have been an important point for the iron forging, but it lost its importance with the industrialisation. So the males of the village moved into the bigger citys around the Ruhrgebiet to work in the steelworks. Just two times in the year they returned back for a few days. As a consequence the village was just inhabited by the women, the pastor and the village idiot...

For more information you can read the short reviews or the whole novel. All in all Clara Viebig created the image of the typical Eifel people, which had persisted in Germany for many centuries... of a bit lazy and silly people. Of course it was not her intention, but Eifelschmitt has become THE EXAMPLE of a village in the Eifel, which is - like your discover - the so called EISENSCHMITT.

Of course the people of Eisenschmitt, the Eisenschmitter, had been angry about Clara Viebig for a long time, but today you see that they had change their opinion. By dedicating a building to her and also the fountain of the village you can see that the Eifelschmitter are today very proud of the role of their village for the german literature.



If you are looking for a holiday in a typical Eifel location, you will not find a more typicial Eifel location than Eisenschmitt!


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